Суицид псориаз

Суицид сам по себе не является психическим заболеванием, но является серьезным потенциальным последствием многих психических расстройств, в частности глубокой депрессии. Опасное или пагубное для самого себя поведение: Потенциально опасное поведение, такое как неосторожная езда, незащищенный секс, увеличение употребления наркотиков и/или алкоголя может обозначать, что человек больше не ценит свою жизнь. Люди, которые были недавно выписаны после психиатрической госпитализации (Этот переходной период очень часто очень пугает их) Люди определенных профессий, например полицейские или работающие в здравоохранении, которые имеют дело с неизлечимо больными пациентами Во многих случаях самоубийство может быть предотвращено. Исследования показывают, что лучший путь предотвращения самоубийства – это знание факторов риска, внимательное отношение к признакам депрессии и других психических расстройств, распознание предупредительных признаков суицида, и вмешательство до того, как человек сможет закончить процесс саморазрушения. Люди, которые получают поддержку от заботливых друзей и семьи, которые имеют доступ к услугам психического здоровья, реже поддаются своим суицидальным импульсам, чем те, кто изолирован от источников заботы и поддержки. Если кто-либо, кого вы знаете, демонстрирует предупредительные признаки суицида, не бойтесь спросить, есть ли у нее или у него депрессия или думает ли он/она о самоубийстве. В некоторых случаях, человеку всего лишь нужно знать что кому-то не все равно и он ждет возможности поговорить о своих чувствах. Затем вы можете посодействовать человеку в поиске профессиональной помощи. Попросите человека отдать вам любое оружие, которое он или она может иметь.

Заберите или удалите острые предметы и все остальное, чем человек может нанести себе вред. New research suggests that people with psoriasis have a greater risk of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts. Compared with controls, psoriasis patients had a 39 percent increase in the risk of a clinical diagnosis of depression, a 31 percent increase in the risk of anxiety and a 44 percent increase in the risk of suicidality. #8220;Our results suggest that patients with psoriasis are at increased risk for the development of depression, anxiety, and suicidality. On the basis of these data and the prevalence of psoriasis we estimate that in the UK there are over 10,400 diagnoses of depression, 7,100 diagnoses of anxiety, and 350 diagnoses of suicidality attributable to psoriasis each year,” according to Dr. Shanu Kohli Kurd, MD, and colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania. Psoriasis, a chronic itchy or painful skin rash, affects up to three percent of the population, and even more individuals may be undiagnosed. Psoriasis can decrease quality of life, and when severe can be associated with other medical conditions.  According to Kurd, psoriasis has been linked to mental health issues, but a clear association has not been carefully documented by research. To determine how often depression, anxiety, and suicidality occurred in patients with psoriasis compared with the general population, Kurd and his team used data from the General Practice Research Database in the U.K. an electronic medical record of more than eight million people containing records from 1987 to 2002.

  Included in the data were 146,042 patients with mild psoriasis, 3,956 with psoriasis severe enough to require systemic therapy, and 766,950 people without psoriasis. The researchers assessed the frequency of depression in terms of #8220;person-years of follow-up,#8221; which is a measure of the total of number of years of depression in the group. When they compared the rates numbers of #8220;person-years” spent in depression of the patients with psoriasis to those without, they found that those with psoriasis were 1.39 times more likely to be depressed.  The hazard ratios for those with psoriasis for anxiety was 1.31, and 1.44 for suicidal thinking. For more severe cases of psoriasis, the risk for suicidality was even higher. The researchers found that younger patients appeared to have a significantly higher risk of the three diagnoses than older patients.

Also, men appear to be at higher risk than women for a diagnosis of depression if they have severe psoriasis. Kurd’s research is important in that this is the first large-scale trial that clearly documents the magnitude of mental health risks associated with psoriasis, and the nature of the psychiatric diagnoses that may accompany both mild and severe skin disease . Clinicians may become aware of these issues and newer targeted interventions may be developed for these groups of individuals. People with the skin condition psoriasis are more likely to be depressed, anxious and thinking about suicide, than those without the problem, according to a new study of British adults. Researchers found that nearly one in ten people with mild psoriasis had been depressed at some point — more than twice as many as among people without the disease. And in severe cases, the depression rate rose even further. #8220;Psoriasis has a profound impact on patients#8217; well being,#8221; said Dr. Joel Gelfand, of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, who worked on the study. #8220;It#8217;s likely that there are tens of thousands of extra cases of depression and suicidal thoughts due to psoriasis.#8221; Dr.

Jerry Bagel, a psoriasis expert who wasn#8217;t involved in the study, said the results weren#8217;t surprising. #8220;People with psoriasis are wearing long-sleeve clothing in August,#8221; Bagel, of the Psoriasis Treatment Center of Central New Jersey, told Reuters Health. #8220;You get a 17-year-old girl with psoriasis on three percent of her body, and she is going to hide,#8221; he added. Psoriasis affects up to three in 100 Americans, according to the new report, published in the Archives of Dermatology. It results from overactive immune cells, which attack healthy skin and cause red, itchy patches and rapid build-up of scales. Almost three-quarters of people with the condition say it makes them feel angry and self-conscious, a recent survey from the National Psoriasis Foundation shows. For the new study, the researchers tapped into a population-wide British database of electronic medical records from 1987 to 2002, including roughly 146,000 people with mild psoriasis, 4,000 with severe psoriasis, and 767,000 psoriasis-free individuals. Compared to people without the condition, those with psoriasis were at higher risk of developing psychological problems, especially at younger ages. About 26 per 1,000 afflicted individuals per year were diagnosed with depression, 21 with anxiety and one with suicidal thoughts and actions. This means that about 10,400 diagnoses of depression may be chalked up to psoriasis each year in the UK, according to the report. For anxiety and suicide fantasies, the numbers are 7,100 and 340, respectively.

Exactly what accounts for the link between mental health and psoriasis is unclear. There is the obvious social embarrassment, traditionally considered at the root of the drinking and obesity problems that sometimes accompany the condition. #8220;Before we thought that you got psoriasis, you got depressed, you got obese,#8221; said Bagel. #8220;But it seems like there might be an underlying mechanism that unifies all these symptoms.#8221; People with psoriasis have higher levels of inflammatory chemicals in their blood, for instance. In principle, this could be part of the explanation why these people have more heart disease and diabetes. Bagel said the right medications — such as steroid creams, light therapy, or pills — helped up to 90 percent of his patients. He said he regularly saw skin improvements of more than three-quarters. For those who can#8217;t clear their itchy skin and continue to experience psychological effects, Gelfand said there were several good treatment options.

Apart from psychiatric medications, he said, meditation and cognitive behavioral therapy had also been shown to be effective, likely because they reduce stress. #8220;When I counsel my patients,#8221; he said, #8220;I tell them they need to be aware of their whole health, not just their skin.#8221;

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